MELISSA + DAN (New York City Wedding Photography, Upper West Side Pier, Central Park Engagement Session)

I’ll never get tired of realizing how small this world is.

I received an email one morning from Dan, who was looking for a wedding photographer and got my contact info from a friend/co-worker of his, whose wedding I photographed a few years ago.  Nothing unusual about that, right?

We do the usual email exchange about little details here and there and set up a time to meet so Dan, his fiancee and I can talk in greater detail.  So we eventually meet up for coffee and we’re discussing everything from wedding details and cupcakes to the New York Mets and somehow or another, the topic comes around to dancing and fitness classes (two things I don’t know anything about, mind you).

It turns out that Melissa takes classes from a dance studio that’s owned and run by an old high school friend of mine.  Now, there are a few things in life that bug me out: one is when you’re reading something and you hear the exact word you just read spoken on tv or by the person sitting next you (no really, it happens to me more often than I think is normal) and two, when you meet people who are completely randomly connected to people in your past… which is why I always thought Friendster was pretty cool.  Remember Friendster?  No?

Moving on…

Melissa and Dan are set to wed in October, which I think has now become THE month to get married… which I get, because October is a pretty fantastic month, especially in terms of the weather here in New York.

Our engagement session began on the piers in the Upper West Side, the neighborhood that Dan and Melissa had their first date in, so the area carries a lot of significance for them.  The weather forecast for the day was a little sketch, but we decided to take a chance and see what we could get.  We took a nice walk around the neighborhood and eventually ended up in Central Park, where we wrapped up the session with some classic images and not one drop of rain the entire time.

Anyways, I’ve written way too many words.  Melissa and Dan, it was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with both of you on this.  Can’t wait for the big day in October!

Enjoy the photos, everyone!


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