Carolyn + Flavio (Brooklyn Bridge DUMBO Engagement Session)

I first met Carolyn a few years ago when I was one of the photographers for her sister, Marie’s, wedding.  Many years have passed but I still remember Marie’s wedding like it was yesterday.  I mean, they had belly dancers.  And I loved working with both families, leaving a lasting impression of what a great union Marie and Amro made.  And did I mention belly dancers?

So when I got an email one day from Carolyn telling me about her own recent engagement, I was so excited to work with her and her family once again, and I looked forward to getting to know her fiance, Flavio as well.  After our initial consult, it was clear we would work well together and we pretty much booked everything right on the spot.

We decided to do our engagement shoot near the Brooklyn Bridge, which is something that I haven’t actually done in a little bit, so I was excited get back down there and have a real good shoot.

It was awesome to spend some time catching up with Carolyn and getting to know Flavio. From the very little I’ve seen, they both seem like they’re wildly in love with each other and they treat each other in such a sweet, kindhearted way.  I hope these images from the engagement session were able to capture the heartfelt emotions these two have for each other.

Congratulations Carolyn and Flavio.  I look forward to photographing even more joyous moments on your big day!

~ Jase

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And let’s go Mets!

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