JACKIE + JONATHAN (Brooklyn Coney Island Engagement Session – NYC Beloved)

I first met Jackie and Jonathan last winter when they were in search of their wedding photographer.  We got to know each other over a bottle of wine and instantly hit it off.  I immediately knew I wanted to work with them, and I think the feeling was mutual.

The word that kept popping up in my head to describe Jackie and Jonathan was “FUN!”  I could tell these two were crazy in love and just lived to have fun with each other.  Their big bright smiles and the way they interact with each other reflect the chemistry they have and it was super important for me to try to capture that in their photos.

While getting to know them, Jonathan suggested maybe doing the shoot at Coney Island, since they love carnivals and amusement parks.  It would suit them perfectly, I knew.

Speaking of perfect, we couldn’t have picked a better day to have this shoot.  Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was spot on for a hot dog, a beer and an engagement shoot.  Not necessarily in that order.

So without further ado, I present to you Jackie and Jonathan.  Two people insanely in love with each other, more than ready for that next step in their lives.  Congrats and see you soon on your big day!


jjblog0010000jjblog002 jjblog003 jjblog004 jjblog005 jjblog006 jjblog007 jjblog008 jjblog009 jjblog010 jjblog011 jjblog012 jjblog013 jjblog014Oh and let’s go Mets!

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