BRIAN + BRAD (Westchester Wedding – The Inn at Pound Ridge)

What’s new everyone?  Today’s blog is special for me, as Brian is one of my brother’s oldest and dearest friends, from all way back in high school.  I was happy to hear when my brother told me Brian was getting married, and even happier when I got an email from him one day inquiring about my services.

Brian and Brad have been together for over six years I believe, and I was honored to document and witness their wedding day.  My brother was unable to make the big day so I suppose I was serving as a sort of proxy for him in addition to being the photographer haha.

Our day began at the Hyatt Regency in Stamford, Connecticut where Brian and Brad were both getting ready.  Then after the first look we headed to Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s  The Inn at Pound Ridge for the ceremony and reception.  There, we met up with Brian and Brad’s closest friends and family, an intimate gathering for a cozy celebration of two people’s love for each other.

What a gorgeous day and event it was, and it was my absolute pleasure to record it for them (oh yeah, almost forgot but the food was pretty phenomenal, as expected). I wish nothing but the best for them, they deserve it.


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Anna + Sean Family Portrait Session (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Family Portrait Photography)

A few years back, I had the pleasure and honor to photograph Anna and Sean’s wedding at My Moon in Brooklyn.  You can read more about them here.  I still remember the amazing time we had and I was elated to get an email from Sean one day, wanting to plan a surprise family photo session since Anna’s parents were in town and their baby boy, Gibson had just turned the old age of… one.

We spent a couple hours hanging out and walking around their neighborhood, Williamsburg, and had a fantastic time doing so on a glorious summer afternoon.  It was great to get reacquainted with such a wonderful, growing family.  Below are a few images from the shoot, please enjoy!


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Josie + Spencer (Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill Mansion, Westchester, New York Wedding Photography)

What’s up, everyone?  I hope everyone’s summers are going amazingly!

I wanted to introduce to you today to Josie and Spencer, two fantastically lovely people whose wedding I was fortunate enough to capture at Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, NY.

I first met these two over wine and pasta last year in the Upper West Side and to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure by the end of the meeting whether or not I had a good shot at booking them.  Their poker faces are pretty good, I think, not to mention that Josie went to White Plains High School, which was crosstown rivals (more like down the street) with my alma mater, Archbishop Stepinac.  But at the same time, I was never any good with predicting whether or not a couple will go with me after the initial meeting.  There have definitely been times where I left thinking it was in the bag and then boom, disappointment later.  This one happened to go the other way, and I’m grateful it did because it afforded me the opportunity to get to know these two and we had a wonderful time celebrating on the wedding day.

As with any Abigail Kirsch catered affair, it was a first class event with the decor only overshadowed by the wonderful couple.  While there were quite a number of guests, it still felt intimate with a dash of celebration and wonderment.

The day was full of love, smiles, cheer and even a dinosaur impression.  Yeah, you had to be there.  But in case you weren’t, here are some images to satiate your curiosity.

Enjoy the photos everyone, and have a wonderful day!


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