JINNY + CHONG (NYC Manhattan Wedding Photography – Waldorf Astoria New York)

Jinny and Chong got married this past summer, at one of the most iconic hotels in Manhattan, the Waldorf Astoria.  As you may have heard, the Waldorf will soon be undergoing a massive renovation project, with its towers becoming a residence along with other improvements with the hotel.  So with that in mind, it was great to be able to photograph this landmark one more time before its makeover.

What I was able to witness was an intimate, moving and touching ceremony of two people madly in love, playful with each other any chance they could get, and who share a deep bond with each other that keeps them inseparable.

One of the things I love about Manhattan weddings, besides the obvious beauty, is how it intrinsically pushes one to be more creative, to act quickly on inspiration, and to feed off the energy of the hustle and bustle.  There is no greater city in the world for an artist, or for anyone for that matter.

Jinny and Chong chose to have only the closest of family in attendance to celebrate, which allowed for absolute intimacy and an emotionally charged day.  My goal was to help capture that and I hope it comes across in the sample of photos I’m displaying.  I’m extremely delighted to share these with you and I hope you enjoy.

Congratulations once again to Jinny and Chong.  They were an amazing couple to work with, full of class and grace, which you can see here.

Have a great one, everybody.


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