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I’ve been fortunate enough to be getting a lot of inquiries (and booking!) for Beloved sessions since I launched a few weeks back.  One thing I’m noticing is a lot of people want to give these sessions as gifts, and (unbiasedly ;)) I think that’s really a fantastic idea.

So I’m just throwing that idea out there.  People are giving Beloved sessions as wedding gifts, engagement gifts, anniversary gifts, and even “just because” gifts (those are the best kind of gifts, no?).  Maybe your friends already have a wedding photographer but they for whatever reason, don’t have an engagement session in their package.  It seems to work within everyone’s budget because people can split up the cost of a session with friends and relatives.

If you’re thinking about something to give your parents this year, how about a Beloved session?   When was the last time they shared a moment just by themselves, thinking and reminiscing of the years they’ve spent together?  Think about all of the years that have gone by, all the things that have changed, all of the things that have remained the same.  All the struggles, the challenges, losses and victories.  Maybe there are some funny stories of bringing you up in this world that they’ve completely forgotten about that Beloved could help unearth.


I just had a birthday a couple days ago.  The big 3-something (ha!).  I celebrate my birthday a little differently than most.  My philosophy, if you could call it that, is that I don’t consider my birthday a big deal (besides the fact that it reminds me I’m getting older and rustier).  But as I get older, I like to spend time with my parents on my birthday.  Especially my mom.

I figure 3o-something years ago, she was the one that went through all the pain and agony.  She was the one that had the greatest worries but also the grandest dreams for me.  Why would I spend my birthday with anyone else, you know?  She’s been there since Day 1 (ha).  My mom makes a bigger deal out of my birthday than I do, and that feels kind of nice, no matter how old I get.

I spent most of my time back home with my mom looking through old photos.  It was nice to hear her talk about them.  It made me appreciate photography even more, if that’s possible.  Or rather, it reminded me of the sheer power photographs have.


I think those moments of remembering something that you had long forgotten always warms the heart a little.  It’s not chicken soup for the heart (changed up the wording a bit to avoid any litigation – it’s probably trademarked) because I only drink chicken soup when I’m deathly ill.  Think of it more like hot chocolate for the heart.  It’s just nice to have once in a while (in the winter).  And think of Beloved as the mug that holds the hot chocolate.

Okay, I’m getting a bit too far-fetched.  Before I lose you all, I leave you today with this:

It’s a good life.  I like to think Beloved Photography helps set the stage and puts a spotlight on all those moments that we just don’t have the time to think about every day.  And I think whether you give it as a gift to a friend or relative, or if you gift it to yourself, the return on investment is incredibly valuable in the present… and it will be even more valuable in the future, because it will help remind you and your children about a special moment in life.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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~ Jase

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