ANDY + TOR (Philadelphia, PA Wedding Photography, Beloved Photography)

I had the honor and privilege of documenting Andy and Tor’s wedding celebration in Philadelphia last weekend.  While the weather reports leading up said there was a 60% chance of rain, we saw none of that on the big day, thankfully.

It truly was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple, who finally, after nine or so years, tied the knot and now are husband and… husband!

Our day started out with the getting ready at the Sheraton University City Hotel next to UPenn.  Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood with family and friends for a few photos, and then eventually we ended up in Philly’s Museum District which presented to us some amazing lighting and some fantastic images, which I hope you’ll enjoy viewing.

The ceremony and reception was held at Distrito, a wonderful Mexican restaurant with the tastiest margaritas I’ve ever had.  From the moment Andy and Tor walked down the aisle, their guests were hootin’ and hollerin’ and there was such an incredible energy all throughout the evening.  Everyone present came to party, and party they did.

Andy and Tor wrote their own vows (which I am a huge fan of), and there was nary a dry eye in the room, including mine!  The ceremony finished with a kiss, and the festivities continued well into the evening.

To say it was a special evening would be an understatement.  The love that these two have for each other – it is a true and faithful example of the human condition, and I’m so very fortunate to have witnessed and documented it. They deserve all the happiness and joy they bring to each other.

And on that note, I finally bring you Andy + Tor.  Enjoy!

~ Jase

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