Almost ready?

I’ve been getting numerous inquiries for weddings and beloved sessions as I’ve slowly been transitioning and rearranging basically my entire life coordinating this big new step in my career.  It’s tremendously exciting and fuels me with creative adrenaline to finally be off on my own.

(If you’re one of those aforementioned inquiring clients, welcome!  Please take a look around and let me know if you have any questions.)

It’s been a slow go of it getting things off the ground though, mainly because I’m a “teach yourself” kind of person.  And I’ve been building my website and my blog all on my own (if you don’t count Google).  I have a lot of techie friends, but when I ask them a question, it usually ends up confusing me more.  =?  You know how it is.

But I think I got the hang of it… for now.  Until some error pops up or I realize I forgot some massive step or deleted something that I shouldn’t have deleted.  I always get that crazy doubt when the computer asks me, “Are you suuuuuuuuure you want to delete this?  You can’t retrieve it and I’m seriously not going to feel sorry for you later.”  Or something to that effect.

Anyways, I’m almost ready to go full public.  But there’s some minor tweaks I need to work out before I do.  But if you found this page, it’s probably not by random, but because I linked it to you to check it out.  So go ahead… feel special.

But I only ask this.  Please do not publicize this page just yet or anything about the business.  It’s in its beta phases, like I mentioned.  But feel free to subscribe to my RSS!

I will be continuously updating the photo galleries on my blog, so please keep checking back if you’re so inclined.  =)


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