JULIETTE + NICK (Lower East Side NYC Beloved Engagement Session)

So as promised, below are some shots from last week’s Lower East Side Beloved shoot that I did with Juliette and Nick.  They chose this neighborhood because they’ve lived here the past few years and share a lot of fond memories in that time.  It’s also a neighborhood that hasn’t been completely gentrified by empty luxury high rises and overcrowded NYU dorms… yet.  So it’s a bonus to preserve the neighborhood with these images while it still looks like New York City.

It was great working with the two of them.  They were both fantastic sports (I feel like such an old geezer when I say that) and really let themselves get into the whole Beloved aspect of the shoot.  I hope they got as much out of it as I did.  I selected these few images because I think they capture nicely, the emotions and reactions that a portrait session like this can unearth.

The lighting towards the end of day was so amazing, I just wanted to keep shooting… but I could tell my muses were getting a bit tired, and I knew I got all the shots that I wanted.  So we finished up the session and grabbed some dinner and drinks.

Juliette and Nick were kind enough to treat me to one of their favorite local joints, Spitzers Corner.  I’m still thinking about that mac n cheese with truffle oil.

Anyways, enjoy the teasers everyone.  And congratulations to Juliette and Nick.  I’m looking forward to your big day in June!

~ Jase


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