JULIETTE + NICK (NYC Beloved Photography – Engagement)

Hey everyone.  Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend.  The weather here in NYC was pretty amazing and I’m glad I was able to take advantage of it.  Friday night I met up with a few close friends.  Did the Izakaya thing for dinner and then for some reason we went for champagne and martinis.  Which reminds me… I need to get that app for my phone that prevents me from texting or emailing under the influence.  =/

Saturday, I spent the afternoon with Juliette and Nick, who are getting married at My Moon in Brooklyn later this year.  I saw a blurb in the most recent New York Magazine’s Wedding Issue about My Moon trending as one of the more chic and popular restaurants to tie the knot in, so as a photographer, I’m looking forward to shooting at that locale.

Sunday I spent the day at Citifield rooting on my 3-0 New York Metropolitans.  A good friend of mine hooked me up with luxury suite tix so it was a perfect day of good baseball, great weather, excellent company, lots of food and endless drinks. (Thanks for the tix, Elin!).

Speaking of baseball, I keep score whenever I go to a ballgame.  It’s something I taught myself how to do when I was younger and I personally think it adds so much to the ballgame experience.  I mean, how much more Americana can you get than keeping score at a baseball game, knowhatimean?  And I actually do look back on my past scorecards and “replay” games in my head.  I like to note things like who I went to the game with, funny things that may have happened or was said, what the temperature was, how long it took to go to the bathroom and get more beer on the way back (the blank spaces in the scorecard for when I missed the action)… I guess I treat it as a journal in a lot of ways.  I think more people should learn the “art” of scorekeeping.

Anyways, back to photography because let’s face it, nobody cares about my weekend that much.  Below is a sneak peak of a sneak peak.  I only wanted to post this one photo because it stood out to me as I was quickly rummaging through the photos as they were uploading to my hard drives.

I think it captures nicely what Beloved is all about.  In the photo, I asked Nick to imagine that this one hug that he is about to give his beautiful fiancee has the ability to take away all the pain she has ever felt in her life.  And when all the pain is embraced away, to keep holding her, letting her know that he will always be there to protect her in the future.

After a minute or two of solemn embrace, I think their senses really came alive.  Her hands reached for his and found them.  And this is what I saw.  It’s always nice when the couples get so into it, I end up waiting around for them.  Ha.  I don’t mind at all though, I’ve got plenty of memory cards.

Anyways, I’ll have more teasers up later this week or next, hopefully sooner rather than later.  But please enjoy this one for now.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

~ Jase

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