KAYLA + ROY – United States Military Academy and Boscobel House & Gardens Wedding Photography (West Point/Garrison, NY)

Let’s play Six Degrees of Separation.  Kayla and Roy got married last Sunday at West Point, NY.  Kayla’s mom, Lisa knows Allison C. through working together, who is sisters with Rob C., who I was close friends with in elementary school.  Is that just five?  Well… Rob, Allison and I got reacquainted in the past couple of years through Facebook so I guess FB is our sixth degree.  When Kayla got engaged to Roy, Allison gave Lisa my contact information.

I first met with Kayla’s mother a while back at her home in Garrison and we got along right off the bat.  Kayla and Roy were living in Germany at the time so Lisa, acting on their behalf, was my contact person. If Kayla was as warm and kind as her mother, I was going to have a great time photographing her and her fiance, Roy, who is a First Lieutenant in the United States Army and a graduate of the prestigious United States Military Academy in West Point.

A couple months pass and Kayla is back in the States taking care of some wedding planning so she, Lisa and I met up at a little cafe in Cold Spring and after that consult, I knew I was going to have a fantastic time.

Fast forward to May 27.  There were threats of thunderstorms in the days leading up, but on our drive upstate, we knew it was going to be a beautiful day.  Not just because of the weather, but because of the two people who were getting married to each other.  And for the two wonderful families that were becoming one.

The emotional ceremony took place at the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity on West Point’s campus and the reception took place on the beautiful gardens of Boscobel in Garrison, NY.  The day couldn’t have gone any smoother and everyone involved in this event, from the bride and groom to the last guest, couldn’t have been more gracious and classy.

Seeing two wonderful people getting married to each other never gets old, no matter how many weddings I shoot.  And I was fortunate enough to have had the honor to document this one.  It was truly an exquisite event!

Cheers to 1st LT. and Mrs. Roy Ragsdale!  Hope you two enjoy these teasers from your precious day!  And special thanks to my second shooter, Orlando Emmanuelli for his amazing artistic skills and talent.


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  • this was a great wedding, beautiful energy and emotions. great couple and awesome shoot! 

  • Kevin Kennison

    That’s a fun set of teaser photos.  Can’t wait to see more.  Great couple and great post (production).  Thanks again for the batteries.

  • Kathykennison

    These pics are indescribably beautiful! Thanks for sending them.
    Kathy K