LAURA+JEFF Long Beach Beloved Engagement Session (NYC)

I first met Laura a couple years ago at a wedding where she was the coordinator and I was one of the photographers.  This was when I was at my previous studio, and Laura was a big fan of our work.  I had a great time working and interacting with her throughout the day and we soon became friends afterwards.

We kept in touch through the years and I remember Laura always saying, “You guys are shooting my wedding.  I don’t know when that’s gonna happen, but you’re shooting it.  Okay?”  So when I broke out on my own last year announcing my new studio, it came as such a pleasant surprise when Laura reached out to me offering not only her support, but also to say that I’m still shooting her wedding (she still didn’t know when that was going to be ha).

Well, the date’s been set and Laura is well on her way to the big day.  Of course for me, there’s the added pressure of photographing a wedding coordinator’s ceremony, but I also couldn’t help but take it as a high complement, knowing how many resources and vendors were available to Laura.  She’s been a vocal fan of my work – both commercial and street and she absolutely fell in love with the Beloved philosophy that I was bringing to the East Coast.  She’s been on board since Day One and I am very grateful for that support.

So… on with the Beloved session.

I met up weeks earlier with both Laura and her fiance, Jeff to plan this Beloved session.  Their backyard is the beach, basically.  So why would we do the shoot anywhere else?  An afternoon at work on the beach?  Brilliant!

Jeff and Laura is the type of couple that I love, not just in a personal sense, but in an artistic sense.  From the moment we began discussing wedding details, their emphasis was “You’re the artist.  You do your thing.”  Any artist will tell you that’s music to their ears.  As much as I smile and nod my head, the more restrictions, perspectives, opinions, insights, advice, preferences, whatever – the less creative the artistic can feel.  So when the client tells me to run with it, I take it and don’t give it back. Ha.

Anyways, I had a fantastic time with Jeff and Laura (as was expected) and I sincerely hope the time we shared was a great experience for both of you!  The weather was amazing, the locale was perfect, and the couple outshined (outshone?) both.

Can’t wait to document your big day in February (though the weather will be dramatically different!

~ Jase

*** And also, don’t forget to check out Laura’s blog for all you that are planning wedding right now (or planning on planning a wedding in the near future) and you’re looking for some great tips and/or advice. If you need a coordinator, feel free to get in touch with her.  She’s the bees knees!


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