Jones Beloved Session (NYC Family Portrait Photography – Central Park)

One of the ways Christie and her modern family celebrate their relationship is by jumping on a plane from Texas and landing somewhere else in the world.  Last year, it was Paris, France.  This year, New York City was the destination for quality family time and they wanted me to capture an early evening stroll through beautiful Central Park.

I had a fantastic time getting to know the entire family.  The dynamic between the relationships (husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, partner, friend… you name it, they had it), the stories and memories they all had… were even more interesting because the siblings span a couple decades in age difference.  So getting to know the different perspectives was lots of fun.

The true beauty of these guys though, is how they love spending time together as a family – their interaction with each other, the laughing and joking.  It was a pleasure to spend an a few hours with them and it left me thinking if I have a family that turned out like them, I’d be a pretty happy man.



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