JOHANNA + GRAHAM (Westchester, NY Wedding Photography)

I think we’re in the middle of Hurricane Sandy right now, and quite frankly, here in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s been nothing but a disappointment.  It’s barely raining right now.  The garden out back is getting a nice watering.  It’s even crazier when I divert my attention to the news and places in Jersey and Long Island are getting blasted.  I’m sure it’ll get worse soon.  Weather forecasters all over the east coast are loving this, I bet.  I always get this image of Al Roker with his rain coat off camera thinking these storms are his Emmy moment or something.  I don’t know.

Anyways, a couple weeks back, there were also threats of heavy rain but they ended up being pretty empty for Johanna and Graham’s big day.  Rain or shine, it would’ve been a beautiful day regardless.  But as luck would have it, it was a lot more shine and barely any rain.

I have to say, I had a great time getting to know Johanna and Graham.  It turns out we’re all from Westchester and Johanna actually attended the girl’s school five minutes away from my high school.  Graham attended one of my high school’s arch rivals.  It’s crazy how small this world is, and Westchester is even tinier.

Even funnier was I drove right by one of my high school ex-girlfriend’s house while getting to Johanna’s getting ready, and drove right by my high school on the way to the wedding venue.  Talk about a completely random trip down memory lane.

Getting to know the couple and their families is one of the joys of being a wedding photographer.  Johanna and Graham were no exception.  There were so many lovely aspects to the relationship along with some random twists and turns.  It was also such a pleasure working with them.  They couldn’t have been more gracious and kind.

Congratulations to Johanna and Graham.  And I hope everyone stays safe out there during Hurricane Sandy.  Hey, at least you get a couple free days from work, no?


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