Juliette+Nick – A Brooklyn, NY Wedding (My Moon Restaurant)

Running a one man show is… challenging to say the least.  I find myself constantly rearranging my priorities and lots of times, upkeeping this blog takes second (sometimes seventh) fiddle to my main duties, which is to my clients.

Anyways, the following images are from a wedding I covered in the summer (can’t believe it’s almost Halloween already!) at My Moon Restaurant in Brooklyn.  To get a little perspective on how late I am to blogging this wedding, I did another wedding at My Moon just a couple weeks ago, which I am hoping to blog about later this week.


Juliette and Nick.  What a great couple to work with.  I remember it being a beautiful summer day (it helps having photographs from that day).  The ladies were getting ready at the Wythe Hotel in hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the ceremony and reception at the aforementioned My Moon Restaurant.

There were lots of nerves, emotions and smiles at this celebration.  As an artist, it was a fantastic day to capture from the first shot of the wedding dress to the last shot at the bar (you can interpret that last “shot” any way you want).  Both Juliette and Nick were a dream to work with and I couldn’t be more thrilled that they loved the photos.  Juliette looked stunning and Nick… well, he looked like Nick. Just kidding, man.  I love Juliette and Nick not just as clients, but as friends too, and it gives me great joy to provide them with the service that I do.

Here’s a little peek into their wedding collection.  Enjoy!


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