IRENE+RICKY (New Jersey Engagement Session) – Beloved

Irene and Ricky.

These guys always manage to cheer me up in one way or another.  I met up with them a couple times before our Beloved session to shoot around some ideas to make their photos truly their own.  And whether it’s me getting lost in New Jersey, or being accosted by evangelicals and being told I’m going to hell on my way to our consultations, I forget all that the moment I say hi to these guys.

Irene is so cute with a personality to match, and you can just tell Ricky is head over heels in love with her, always treating her with gentle kindness.  And I hope you can see some of that in the images that follow.


I have to admit, I’ve been in a pretty lousy mood the past few days, but picking which of Irene and Ricky’s photos to use on my blog write-up cheered me up a lot, as silly as that seems.

Art has always  had an uplifting effect on me.  I think I forget that truth more often than I remember it.  Art gets lost in the shuffle amongst all the other things going on in your life.  Creativity gets tarnished into something mundane.  But I’m thankful that I have an outlet that can take me completely away from life sometimes.

It’s strange, that’s usually how I place value in my Beloved sessions to my clients.  That I want their engagement session to be a moment where they clean out the clutter of the everyday and bring their passion for each other back to the front.  And here I am realizing my passion to create art needs to come back to the front.  Or at least have a more healthy balance of business, art and life.


Speaking of back to the front, let’s get back to Irene and Ricky!

We started off in slightly more formal-wear, so we went a little bit more serious right off the bat.  Not too serious, but I wanted more of an intimate look and wanted to have more fun with the less formal outfits.

Then we changed wardrobes and worked a little bit on the Save the Date’s.  Since they’ve known each other for so long, I thought it’d be cute to go all the way to the other side of the spectrum and get playful with some hopscotch.  It was a nice way of incorporating numbers (the date) with the playfulness of their relationship.

There was a kid’s park nearby so we eventually headed on over and did a few Beloved invites there as the sun set softly in the west.

Hope you all enjoy this art!

~ Jase

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