LAURA+JEFF (Bridgeview Yacht Club – New York Wedding)

It’s really hard to believe that the last time I updated my blog was in November.  It isn’t for a lack of being busy, that’s for sure.  Among weddings, Beloved sessions, birthday parties and corporate events, sadly, the blog is always the one aspect of my business that takes a hit, even though it’s one of the more enjoyable aspects of my business.

I had a little bit of breathing room of late (okay, not really, but updating my blog eventually became a priority) and I wanted to share with you a wedding that I shot a couple weeks ago at the Bridgeview Yacht Club.

My lovely couple was Laura and Jeff, whom you may remember from their Long Beach Beloved session.  Their Beloved session took on special meaning months afterwards, when Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast, taking much of Long Beach with her.

A couple days before their wedding, I hesitantly emailed Laura with the news that rain was looking like a big possibility, along with some suggestions on what we could do to make the rain to our advantage.  I say I wrote it hesitantly because I hate mentioning rain to my brides… but in our line of business, it’s something we have to address, whether (weather, get it?) we like it or not.

But I received a response almost immediately and Laura was chipper as can be.  As a wedding coordinator herself, she knows it happens.  But she also knew that rain wasn’t going to stop the most beautiful day of their lives!  And she was right.

Our day began at the Hotel Allegria, which was gracious enough to open up their rooftop and lounge for us.

**Brides-to-be, make sure you ask your hotel if you can have a photo session on location well before the actual big day.  Many hotels (especially Manhattan hotels) won’t allow photo sessions (outside of your hotel room) unless you’re actually getting married there.

From the Allegria, we left for the Bridgeview Yacht Club, where they set up the ceremony and reception exactly to the standards of the bride and groom.

All throughout the day, Laura and Jeff were surrounded by their loved ones, and it was great to witness.  But I wasn’t surprised at all to see this.  After having gotten to know them well in recent months, I knew the source of their energy and love for each other had to stem from somewhere, and it stems from their friends and family.

I absolutely loved working with these guys.  I have to admit, they made it really easy for me with all the beautiful details, the wonderful moments and all the photogenic people.  I just had to press a button a couple thousand times. =P

On that note, here are some memories from that day.  Enjoy!

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