AMANDA+RANJAN (Madison Square Park Beloved Engagement Session) – New York City Wedding Photography

In reality, when meetings run long, it’s usually a bad thing.  But in the wedding photography world, it’s oftentimes a wonderful thing.

Initial consults normally take just about an hour to discuss what my potential clients are looking for and how I can help meet and exceed those expectations for their big day.  It’s during that hour where I try to figure out the dynamics of the couple’s relationship and personality… are they the affectionate type, quiet and reserved, wild and crazy, playful and easygoing, what have you.

Observing all that helps me get a general sense of who they are as people and as a couple, and if my style and personality are a good match for them.  It also helps later on when I’m planning their engagement session so that their images from the session are unique and true to who they are.  I mean, these photos are of two unique individuals ready and willing to spend the rest of their lives together… why should they settle for generic, cliche photos?  It’s the least I could do.

Enter Amanda and Ranjan.  I met up with these two at a cozy little wine bar in the Upper East Side.  We hit it off immediately, discussing everything from their wedding day to the advantages and disadvantages of fifth floor walk-up apartments (apparently, there are some advantages). Three hours (and a few glasses of wine) later, they had found their wedding photographer.

Which eventually led us to their engagement session in Madison Square Park.  It rained intermittently earlier in the day, but that wasn’t going to stop Amanda and Ranjan from having an amazing session and truly embracing the spirit of the shoot.  These two were so natural in front of the camera.  I don’t think I asked them to hold hands or kiss the entire time.  They just did it on their own!  And I think the genuineness (is that a word?) shows in the images.

I’ve had a great time getting to know these two and I look forward to not only documenting their wedding next year, but meeting up with them again for drinks and some eats and sharing some laughs in the meantime.  They remind me of why I love my job so much and how fortunate I am to be doing what I’m doing – which isn’t just photographing people, places and events, but meeting and getting to know great people.

So with all that said, here are a couple images from the shoot.  Enjoy!


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