AILEEN+BRIAN (New York City New Jersey Wedding Photography)

One of the worst fears of a wedding photographer is rain.  Not necessarily because it would put a huge damper on my day or images.  In fact, I don’t mind the rain so much because it presents a challenge to get more creative and think more outside the box.  But the fear comes from how the bride and groom may react to such inclement weather.  Sometimes (and understandably so), they don’t see the silver lining like I do.

Enter Aileen and Brian.  The day started off overcast and the chance of heavy rain was imminent.  It started to pour during our getting ready time and I’d hear an “Oh my god, it’s raining!” or an “Oh man, what are we gonna do?” from some of the bridal party and family.  My phone was even going crazy sending me emergency alerts and whatnot.  But Aileen just sits there smiling, looks at me and says, “Hey, it is what it is.  Can’t control the weather.”

That, my friends, is the perfect attitude and nothing could’ve stopped us from having the best day of our lives.  As good fortune would have it, the downpours came and eventually went and we were able to capture a few moments outdoors.  But the fun didn’t come from the sudden change in weather, it came from the friends and family who traveled from near and far to celebrate with Aileen and Brian.

After having gotten to know them in the past year, it was no surprise to me that so many people were in attendance to witness their marriage, rain or shine.  What a fantastic couple these two make and it was a real thrill to document their big day.

Enjoy a sample of the photos and mazel tov!


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