MATTHEW, LIKKA and MADELEINE (New York City Photography – Central Park Family Portrait Session)

Happy Friday everyone!  Mets are in first place and football is starting… doesn’t get any better than this, amiright?


Matthew, Likka and Madeleine were in town visiting New York last month.  Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, I’m sure the heat and humidity were something they weren’t quite used to, but I bet all the sights, sounds and tastes of this beautiful city made up for it.

When Matthew first got in touch with me, the biggest issue was probably where to have the session.  It had to be something that was quintessential New York, photogenic and family friendly.  And what’s considered more New York than Central Park?

So we met up on a gorgeous Sunday morning and took a nice stroll through the park.  As you will see, Madeleine, Matthew and Likka’s daughter, is the most adorable little thing.  But she’s also got the smarts and the wit that far surpasses her age.

Being from New York, I always wonder what it would feel like if I was visiting this city as a tourist.  How much more of an amazing impression would the magic of the city leave on me if that was so?  Or maybe I would hate the noise, congestion and the attitude one inevitably develops in order to tolerate such things.

I was emailing with Matthew after he and his family returned to Alaska, and I think they definitely caught the New York bug… the humidity notwithstanding.  And I look forward to their next trip back to New York as much as I look forward to visiting them if/when I make my way to Alaska.

Matthew, Likka and Madeleine, I had such a blast getting to know you and I hope the photos from this session were able to capture some of that New York magic.  Cheers and keep in touch!


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